Wok Cooking


What kind of Wok is the right Wok for me?

To choose a Wok you have the choice between different wok shapes

Thai Wok or Chinese Wok ?
A Thai wok has a long handle and looks a little bit like a large pan with a bowl shape. A Chinese wok has handles on both sides. Important for Western kitchens is a flat bottom of the wok for using it on conventional cooking plates.

What Material?
For wok cooking it is worth to spend some money on a good quality wok.

1. Cast Iron Woks
Cast Iron Woks have a heavy weight. But they are ideal for cooking because they can heat up to very high temperatures. It is important to buy a good quality wok. Cheap woks tend to rust easily. Some of the new kind of woks have a Enamel Cover which is practical for cleaning the wok.

2. Stainless steel woks
Stainless steel woks can be used on all kind of cooking plates. And they resist high heats and are easy to clean.

3. Covered Woks
Covered Woks are for example covered with Enamel oder with T-Fal. They can resist high heat. We have made the experience that covers of cheap woks cannot resist high heats. Therefore it makes sense to spend some amount of money on the woks. With T-Fal and Silit Woks we have made very good experiences.

Wok Cooking
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